About Us

Company History

Sticker-It started in January of 2010 as a small sign and graphics shop on Hwy. 3. The shop consisted of a 10 ft by 12 ft room/office in a garage but we soon expanded to double the size of our old office with an off-site shop that was lent to us for installations. 

Our next expansion was our team, we started to hire employees with one idea in mind, that we didn’t just have to deliver great product to our clients but we also had to deliver a great environment for our employees to work in, and before long we were moving again.

We moved to a 1,580 sq.ft. building bringing with us some of the most powerfully efficient and sought after printers in the industry, a Xerox C60, CZ Folder, stapler, punch and booklet maker. We could now print close to anything whenever we wanted. 

With our products and services list expanding, so is our team and our continued growth has led to our latest move in October 2017 to our current 2,400 sq.ft. facility. The move allowed us to offer in-house installations of large vehicles and tractor trailers up to 53’, and the space to bring in house grand format printing on materials up to two inches thick and eight feet wide.

Now our expert team can deliver whatever product your heart desires all from our top of the line in-house printing facility.

The Team

As Sticker-It grew so did our team, now we have a team of five full-time employees dedicated to fulfilling your print needs.

founder | Team leader

Shane VanEgmound

Shane is the owner of Sticker-It. With the commitment to the business he pursued schooling with 3M in vinyl application and completed two 3M installer programs. 

He has 15 years of signage experience, product knowledge and development.

Senior Graphic designer

Tarja Barton

Tarja is our senior graphic designer, a graduate of the Illustration & Graphic Design program at Sheridan College. She has over 15 years of graphic design experience working with large corporations and small business.

Her dedication to providing a unique look and feel to each graphic design project, guarantees your satisfaction.

Production specialist

Emily House

Emily is our production specialist with a Bachelor of Technology in Graphic Communications Management from Ryerson University. She has been operating digital printers since 2015. She ensures that our printing is of best quality and our products exceed your standards every single time.

Graphic Designer

Logan Ludwig

Logan is our graphic designer, joining us from Calgary Alberta. He is a graduate of Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with a Certificate of Graphic Design.

His four years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces will ensure attention to detail in every design.


Jesse Hoto

Jesse is our installer with 4 years of sign manufacturing, production, aerial service and
installation experience as well as vehicle graphics installation experience.

Jesse personally ensures all of your projects are not only designed to your standards but installed to them as well.

Why Sticker-It?

Our commitment to you starts with honesty and ends with quality. All of our clients receive the attention and direct involvement of the owner, our designer and production team. We guarantee the highest quality standards in our work and ensure that our pricing is fair and competitive.

At Sticker-It, we believe that we can best serve the needs of our clients by building long-term relationships – as a result, we have been in partnerships with many of our clients for years. We are proud that our client list has continued to grow based solely upon word of mouth and referrals, a testament to the quality of our work and our exceptional levels of customer service.

When you decide to work with Sticker-It know that it is never a one-off service, you get that real face-to-face connection that large corporations lack while still getting that outstanding hands-on quality time and time again.

Our Capabilities

Sticker-It was established as a sign design and manufacturing business, but has since expanded its services to include a wide variety of print and marketing products.

We have a high level of knowledge and understanding within the industry, its products and demands. In addition, we work with our clients to provide eye-catching designs, logo development and branding.

Our range of fully integrated services includes:

  Strategic planning and consultation
  Concept and creative design
  Project management
  Product solution
  Production and manufacturing
  Installation