Get The Most Out Of Your Brand By Showcasing Yourself With A Banner

Banners Speak For Your Business, Make Sure You’re Heard

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What Are Banners?

Banners are large pieces of branding that come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. Banners work best to display quick, short-winded, important information like your contact information, what your company stands for, and any deals you might have on the go.

Don’t Fall For These
Common Myths

Banners Are Thin and Fragile

Banners come in a range of materials but the standard banners are either made out of vinyl, one of the most durable yet flexible materials on the planet…..

Banners Cost An Arm And A Leg

The cost of a high quality printed banner is actually a lot less than you think. Banners are an investment into the advertising of your business…..

The Truth About

Here at Sticker-It we make banners out of super strong vinyl with enough customization options that you’ll always find what you’re looking for.
With a quality banner you don’t need to worry about getting your message across anymore, you can rest easy knowing your business is out there getting seen by those looking for your help. Click the button below to work with us today!

Some A-La-Carte


With these rings sewn into your banner hanging will never be an issue!


Want to add something tangible to your banner? Well now you can with our full velcro banners!

Wind Slits

If your banner is going to be outside we also offer wind slits so that your banner will last longer, reaching more people.

Hem And Grommet

Here is another way to hang your banner! These are little steel rings sewn directly into your banner to make sure hanging is never an issue.

Rope Sewn Banners

With rope sewn banners a rope is sewn right into the banner itself so when it is time to put the banner to use everything you need is right at your fingertips.


Sticker-it has provided our company Grand River Heating and Cooling with excellent service and quality products for a number of years. They are our first choice for all of our design needs!

Amanda Ibbott

Grand River Heating and Cooling

96% Of Businesses Fail, Don’t Become A Statistic

96% of businesses fail, but why?
People always look for the ONE thing the ONE thing that kills a business but that simply isn’t true in most cases.
What causes businesses to fail isn’t just one mistake, it is a mistake that is repeated over and over until eventually that business just can’t go on.
Whether you’re big or small the rules of commerce have changed. Advertising has changed. How you turn browsers into buyers has changed.
Truly successful businesses adapt with the times, and now is the time to adapt. Think about what happens when you don’t adapt.
  • Your flow of incoming clients shrinks
  • Your current clients start going elsewhere to a newer more adapted company
  • Your sales plummet
  • And eventually, you just become like the other 96% and your business fails.
But you can prevent that!

You need to adapt your advertising for the times, and this is how you’re going to do it. Instead of wasting money on newspaper ads and billboards that never seem to work let’s move on to what’s next, the new, the efficient, the successful.

Click the button below and let’s become that 4%, let’s adapt, let’s win together.