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What Is Store-Front Signage?

Store-Front Signage is that tall golden M you look for when you’re hungry and your businesses best way to show everyone your brand and what you do.
You know you need a sign, but what matters is who puts that sign into place and where it needs to actually bring you business.

Don’t Get Caught In These
2 Typical Consumer Traps

The Cheaper The Sign The Better

A sign is like a mattress, you will spend more because you want a good sleep every night. A sign is the same way, it is an investment into how people will judge your business every day.

When your leading first impression is a sign where it is easy to show the time, money, and attention to detail that went into it… you get the picture. 

Anyone Can Put Up A Sign

So now you’ve got your sign designed beautifully, built, and ready to hang. But who is putting that sign up? Is it an experienced, trained professional or is it someone who barely scraped through high-school? Who would you rather trust with the first impression of your business? 

Let’s Clear The Air, Here Is

A storefront sign is your business’s first impression on a new client. It is not so much a bill as it is an investment in the success of your business.

Research has found that for new startup businesses a storefront sign typically drives 50% of their new clients. 50%. That is massive.

Imagine what a 50% increase in your company would be like. What would that do to your life?
When you make an investment into a quality sign that is designed, built, and installed by professionals it makes a difference in how people judge your business. Make that first assumption a positive one, because if it isn’t that could-be client will just walk right past you.
Don’t be forgotten like the rest, get a sign and stand out.

Some Things To Really

More Money

When you have more and more people walking in to do business with you you’re going to start making more money turning this sign into an asset for you, instead of a liability.

A Long-Term Investment

A storefront sign is your best, most recognizable form of advertising that will survive for years to come, a one time payment that gets you clients for years and years. Sounds like a great deal!

More Time With The Family

As those new clients roll in along with the additional revenue they bring with them it will allow you to step out of the business a bit more so you can spend more time with your family and the ones you love.

Professional Installation

If you want to look professional and put together you wouldn’t cut your own hair right? So why would you trust just anyone to install your storefront sign? Leave your investment in the hands of friendly trained professionals that will never let you down.

True Creative Freedom

With Sticker-It you have total creative freedom on what your sign can look like, what it will do, and what you want it made of to make your wildest imaginations a reality.


Very professional. Did all the work for the restaurant in a timely manner. Especially the last minute jobs, they are so efficient.

Debb Davies

Restaurant Owner

Are You Making A $1,000,000 Mistake In Your Business?

A large storefront sign is proven to increase revenue an average of 15.6% in the first year. Just think of the amount of extra business you would be giving away, the money you might as well just throw in the trash year after year.
Without a storefront sign you could be letting MILLIONS just slip through your fingers.
66% of start up businesses fail, 94% of those businesses don’t have proper branding.
It’s okay if your branding is weak right now, it is hard to grow a brand from the ground up. But it is not ok to watch businesses fall time and time again and watch as your business follows in those same failing footsteps.
Work with a team that can create a brand you can be proud to show off, work with Sticker-It and beat the odds, you owe it to your business.